IndusCollect-Comprehensive Collection platform for Merchant/Customer

Frequently asked questions by customers

  • 1. What is IndusCollect?

    IndusCollect is a next generation payment platform which provides enhanced bill portal experience to any individual.

  • 2. What type of payments can be done

    Individuals can make payments across various categories, including but not restricted to Educational Institutes, Local Authorities/Municipal Corporation/Gram Panchayat, Central & State Govt. Scheme, Clubs, Charitable Trust/NGO, Distributors & vendors, E-tailers & E-commerce, Religious Entities.

  • 3. Is it mandatory to have IndusInd bank account to pay a bill / invoice?

    No. Person having account with any bank will be able to use IndusCollect platform.

  • 4. Can I do payment without registering on IndusCollect?

    Yes. Express Payment option allows users to do payment without registering or logging into system.

  • 5. What are the advantages of registration?

    Registration will provide following value added services to users: a) Track every payment b) Add favourite biller c) Payment dashboard d) Pay bills raised by billers

  • 6. How do I register?

    User can register using Email id & mobile number. Password will be sent to SMS & email.

  • 7. How do I login?

    User can login using email id/phone number & password. If user is logging in for the first time, user can change the password.

  • 8. What if I have forgotten my user id?

    User id will always be mobile number or email id. Either of them can be used as user id.

  • 9. What if I have forgotten the password?

    User can click the “Forgot Password” link on login page & enter mobile number/email id, to receive the temporary password on SMS/Email.

  • 10. How to search a particular biller?

    There are two ways to search the biller. a) User can search directly by merchant name and enter the payment portal b) User can click the category and then view all the merchants. User then selects merchant as per their choice. For e.g. User wants to pay School fees of ABC school, then User can select EDUCATION category & then select ABC school.

  • 11. How to make payment?

    a) Search the biller. See Q.10 for more details b) Select the payment type under “I want to make payment for” c) Enter the data in required fields as given by merchant. Please contact merchant in case of any queries regarding these fields d) Choose the product type and make the payment.

  • 12. Can I do partial payment?

    Acceptance of partial payment will completely depend upon biller or merchant. In some cases billers will allow users to enter the amount, whereas in some cases amounts will be hardcoded by biller & user will not be able to change it.

  • 13. Which payment modes can be used to make payment?

    We are offering the following modes of payments to our customers:

    • Net Banking (Real time: IndusInd Bank + other bank’s net banking channel)
    • Credit Cards (Online mode- Real time payment)
    • Debit Cards (Online mode-Real time payment)
    • UPI (Online mode-Real time payment)
    • IMPS (Online mode-Real time payment)
    • NEFT (Online + Offline mode)
    • RTGS (Online + Offline mode)
  • 14. How much will I be charged for every transaction?

    Charges will be dependent upon biller or merchant. User will be able to view detailed charges during every stage of payment.

  • 15. Where will I get unique transaction number?

    As soon as user enters bill data & arrives at payment mode page, unique transaction number will be displayed on the page. This transaction id can be used by user to track the payment online or via communicating with Customer care of bank. In addition to unique transaction number, user will also be given Challan number, if user ops for RTGS/NEFT/IMPS/IFT mode.

  • 16. Will I get any alerts?

    As soon as biller/merchant uploads bill file, user will receive the alert on SMS/Email. User then can click the link in SMS/Email to proceed with the payment

  • 17. I mistakenly did the duplicate payments; do I need to go through the complex procedure for getting my amount back?

    IndusCollect has intelligence to recognize & return duplicate transaction amount to your account. If your Merchant/Biller agrees to opt for this facility then you will automatically receive duplicate amount in your account.

  • 18. How can I know the status of the payment?

    Registered user can login and view the payment dashboard on right hand side of the page. User can click Reference number to view more details of the transactions. User can see following status in Receipt a) PAID: Transaction is successful and biller has received the money b) IN PROCESS: Transaction is pending & biller is yet to receive the money c) AUTO RETURN: Transaction is not as expected by biller & biller has automatically returned the money to your account d) DUPLICATE: You have made more than one payment towards the same transaction and biller has returned the transaction to your account. e) REFUND: Biller received your money but then decided to refund your money , based on certain policy at biller’s end

  • 19. My transaction is failed. How can I know the failure reasons?

    User can view the status online or user can contact customer care to know the reasons

  • 20. How & when will I receive the refunds?

    Refund policy will be dependent upon merchant/biller. Money can refunded instantaneously or after certain TAT based on policy of Biller/merchant.

  • 21. I have been charged extra late fees even though I am making the payment before due date?

    Please contact your merchant/biller for more details.

  • 22. How can I cancel & reinitiate the transaction?

    Cancellation & re-initiation can happen if user has created challan (RTGS/NEFT/IMPS/IFT) but user has not yet initiated the payment. For other product modes (UPI/Net banking), transaction will hit either success of failure in real time

  • 23. Can I cancel payments which I already did?

    No. If user has initiated the payment, then there is no way to cancel or hold the payment. User needs to contact merchant/biller.